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Hotel Lorenza, for a wonderful holiday right on the Cavoli beach.
Make the most of your holiday on the Island of Elba at our Beach Bed & Breakfast and Residence!

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The beach of Cavoli

C avoli, one of Elba's most popular beaches, is in a sheltered, south western position of the island, and this means you can often go in for a swim even during the cooler months; more than 300 metres of sand and giant rocks, as well as its crystal clear water, make it a perfect beach for children..

The name of the beach comes from the word "cavili", the huge blocks of granite that were once extracted in the nearby granite quarries.

The beach consists partly of white ,coarse grain, granite sand and partly of round, smooth pebbles.

On the beach there are three well-equipped bathing establishments, where you will find sun umbrellas, sun beds and deck chairs, bathing huts, showers with hot and cold water, pedalo and canoe hire, and expert personel with a semi automatic defibrillator and complete first aid kit.

Nursery huts, toy deposit room, changing rooms, WC also for the disabled, Wi-Fi and Internet completely free of charge.
The Cavoli beach The Cavoli beach The Cavoli beach The Cavoli beach The Cavoli beach The Cavoli beach You can get to the famous "Grotta Azzurra" (Blue Grotto) to the left of the beach along the coast by pedalo or small boat.

Scuba divers can explore the sea bed within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. A very popular boat trip is that to the Sea Grotto of Cavoli, just outside the gulf.

Being so near the beach makes the hotel the perfect holiday place for families with children.

There is also a bazar, a newsagent's and a tobacconist's at the beach.

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